Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your playgrounds safe?

Our playgrounds comply with all US Safety Guidelines for playgrounds. We are proudly certified and/or members of the following agencies (each image links to it’s respective certification and/or membership page):

Certified Playground Safety Inspector IPEMA Surfacing IPEMA Surface Testing Certified IPEMA Testing Certified




Q: Do your playgrounds comply with ADA guidelines?

Handicap Accessible Playgrounds
Absolutely, our playgrounds are designed to fully comply with ADA guidelines and requirements.  We also provide a large assortment of ADA Surfacing and Inclusive play opportunities in all of our designs.


Q: Are playgrounds tested?

Our playgrounds are tested by the highest safety compliance association; IPEMA.

Q: Are playgrounds reliable?

Our playgrounds are manufactured in the USA by a small family owned and operated business with Midwestern values in neighboring Wisconsin.

St Croix Recreation and BCI Burke Playgrounds provide the strongest and longest warranty in the industry as well as a supplemental warranty that will make your maintenance staff extremely happy.

Our dedicated freight carrier can deliver the playground from the factory directly to the customer with no messy transitions that could prolong delivery, preventing damage and loss.

Q: How do I get started?

Take a look at our website, request a catalog in the mail or contact us directly for more information catered specifically to you! Our staff has over 80 combined years of service and we will walk you through the process. Watch our videos online for information about our playgrounds and some instructional guides to tools you can use for your playground.

Q: Why St. Croix Recreation?

We are a hassle free company that is enthusiastic to work with our customers to guide them through the educational process of choosing the right playground. We use size, budget, age groups, desired themes and handicapped accessibility to help determine the best choice for your unique needs.