Minnesota Rope Playgrounds

Climbinet and ElephantPlay® are designers of net play structures and outdoor rope playground equipment. The Climbinet product line focuses on static climbing nets and ElephantPlay® on moving rope/cable components. Together, they have created net play structures that are an essential addition to any Minnesota community park or school playground by combining economical value, quality, and safety. Climbinet and ElephantPlay® playground equipment is based on Reaching the Top! – a philosophy of active play and teamwork. Add a net structure to your playground in Minnesota to improve sensory features or a spinning structure that build teamwork, socialization and vestibular stimulation.

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Products Offered by St. Croix Recreation and Climbinet

  • Mast Nets
  • Single Mast Nets
  • Double Mast Nets

  • Triple Mast Nets
  • Quad Mast Nets
  • Mini Mast Nets

  • Jumbo Mast Net
  • Cargo Mast Nest
  • Hexagon Mast Nets