Relationship Life of a Playground

Relationship Life of a Playground

How long does a playground last?

BCI Burke prides itself on creating only quality playground equipment that stands the test of time. On average a playground is going to be in the ground for 20-25 years. That is 25 years of withstanding the elements, wear and tear from everyday play and unfortunately, vandalism. There aren’t many products you will buy that will last and get that much use, except for maybe houses and buildings. So what happens when your playground equipment is in need of repair or is vandalized? Are you going to let it remain in use with kids playing on a potential hazardous or unsafe environment? Hopefully not!

While these are events we hope never happen, we have seen it all! You will need parts to update or replace at some course of the playground’s life cycle. Luckily, St. Croix Recreation and BCI Burke have a vested interest in protecting your investment. We offer the strongest warranty in the industry that covers both the cost of needed replacement parts and the shipping for parts covered under warranty. We also make sure to have dedicated service to replace your broken part in a timely manner and protect your most important investment; your kids and community.

Our friendly staff of educated professionals will be there not only for the design and build for the playground but also for your follow-up service needs. Our relationship does not end after your playground is installed. It is our goal to make sure you have the utmost confidence in us and our product when making such a large investment! Don’t believe us, call us today and see for yourself!

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