Playground Planning Tools

Playground Planning Tools

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We understand that purchasing a playground is a very big decision! In our experience, most of our main contacts are part of a committee and typically have many to keep in mind as they are the decision maker for the whole community – it’s a huge undertaking! Given this, it is our role to guide you through the options and the overall process and supply you with the most convenient planning tools to help keep yourself organized and informed as well as share plans and details with others. We find that the more informed those involved are, the smoother the playground planning process is for everyone.

After a complimentary consultation and planning session with one of our Project Managers, our customers are given the Playground Handbook. This handbook is intended to contain all of the important information; equipment details, drawings to scale and the overall setting. Included is also a warranty letter and legal guidelines. It’s a wonderful tool to reference and share as there are several small details involved in these playground projects.

For presentations and to get students and the school community excited, St Croix Recreation also supplies 3D Playground posters which illustrate the completed playground space. The sizes of the 3D posters are 24”x36” and 30”x40”. These show different vantage points and backgrounds can be customized to your location.

Videos of the future playground and area are also available through 3d Fly Through, offered by BCI Burke Playgrounds. This unique product gives a bird’s eye view of the playground, flying through life-like structures. It is created by the Design Team individually for each customer offering rich quality and life-like graphics. It’s a great way to demonstrate the project to others and can be shared on social media websites, such as YouTube.

No matter what your playground planning needs are, let us help you with our easy-to-use tools!

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