School playground grants and what you need to start fundraising

School playground grants and what you need to start fundraising

School Playground Fundraisers

Grants are always one of the most important tools in making a playground become a reality. It takes a lot of money to get a playground built. There have been several unique grants throughout the years and no two grants are alike. There is grant money specifically allocated for playgrounds alone, from organizations that give locally and through corporations and sponsors.

Manufacturers also have grants that are released periodically and this is to just name a few. Receiving a grant usually takes patience and some time. Just like fishing, you are not always going to catch a fish the first time you cast, but the more and more you cast the better the chances are that you will catch something.

Keep trying for those grants. Get creative. Start sending out letters to the service organizations in town. Start a penny war. One effective tool BCI Burke Playgrounds offers is ‘Funds for Fun.’ This fundraising program assists schools in educating their school community on their objective. Through informative literature and stand-out graphics, this creative mailer piece has a great impact on overall community involvement and can help you reach your goal.

We have a tool called funds for fun that can incorporate the playground structure your school is trying to receive. We can help you out with that plan and the materials to help you fund raise with a tool called funds for fun. Funds for Fun is the easiest way to catch your next big fish and turn your playground vision into a plausible plan and eventually a reality.

Still not sure where to start? Let one of our experienced Project Managers walk you through the process, contact us to get started!

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