Tour Our Playgrounds

Tour Our Playgrounds

Planning Your School Playground

Set up a site visit to a playground you would like to see!

Purchasing a new playground is not like buying furniture or a new car; you are unable to see it, use it or touch it prior to purchase. This can make the process very uneasy and more difficult. At St Croix Recreation, we stand behind our projects and we have plenty of them!

The best way to truly demonstrate the quality of our work and product-lines is to take you there. No matter where you are located, a Project Manager would be happy to show you our playground equipment firsthand spread throughout Minnesota’s various beautiful parks and playgrounds. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend the day enjoying the Great Minnesota Outdoors on the job? Anytime you can in enjoy the weather or be outside you should always take advantage of it; especially in Minnesota. Our season may be a little limited but that is no reason why anyone should ever pass on being away from nature. So call us up and come take a trip with us to one of the great parks our products are in. We would love to show you our equipment and what considerations were taken in the planning process to make the design happen.

Minnesota has a plethora of parks and spends the 9th most amount of money on Playground equipment in the United States. Our metro area is heavily concentrated with trails and great park systems. We always encourage people interested in looking at a big investment like a playground to see what type of quality you are buying before you make a purchase. You want to know that years to come your playground will look as good 10 years from the time you purchase it with the plastic still being the same color.

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