Municipal and School Playgrounds

Top Row Left To Right: Johnnie Johnsen, Christopher Johnsen, Mike Basich and Hannah Johnsen

Christopher Johnsen

Christopher has been working for St. Croix Recreation since 2006. He joined the family business after 4 years of service with the 173rd Army Airborne Brigade. Christopher graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a degree in Entrepreneurship in 2010 and joined St. Croix Recreation full time doing every job from installation, volunteer installations, project coordination and marketing. Christopher enjoys working in the playground and park industry and has been exposed to it his whole life. He enjoys working with people is proud to be a part of St. Croix Recreation team.

Chris lives in Stillwater with his wife Hannah daughter Eliza. He enjoys the outdoors, reading and most importantly spending time with Family and Friends. 

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Johnnie Johnsen

Johnnie started St. Croix Recreation in 1981 in Stillwater Minnesota.  He is a 1978 graduate of Cal State Northridge with a degree in Park & Recreation Management. Johnnie worked for Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation for 4 years but moved to Minnesota to get away from the urban sprawl.  Johnnie takes pride in the many projects he has been associated with over the years and the customer service that St. Croix Recreation has provided; as well as, the relationships he has with customers and companies that he has worked with. He has had a lot of experience and has been recognized for many achievements in the playground and park supply industry.

Johnnie lives in Stillwater with his wife Linda and has 3 children. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports and staying active.

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 Mike Basich

Mike has been working with St. Croix Recreation since 1997, but his experience in the playground industry precedes that with seven years as a playground installation contractor. Mike enjoys working with customers to plan and execute unique play environments and is not afraid to get his hands dirty to see a project through to its conclusion, having supervised well over 150 volunteer community-build playground installations. Whether working with a school PTO or a municipal board, Mike enjoys the personal interaction which he believes is essential in bringing play opportunities to our communities.
Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota and resides in White Bear Lake with his wife Cheryl and three children. Outside interests include recreational sports, reading and more than a passing interest in the sport of hockey.

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Hannah Johnsen

Hannah recently joined the St Croix Recreation, joining her husband Chris. She holds a BA from the University of St Thomas with a degree in French & Education. Her background includes experience in the travel and education industry. She also grew up in a family-owned business and is looking forward to keeping St Croix Recreation as truly a family owned operation.

Hannah enjoys spending time in her community, practicing yoga, playing tennis and doing crossword puzzles. She loves to travel, enjoys helping people and making them smile.

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