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Playground community builds can be one of the most memorable experiences your community can create. It is a good way to bring the community together for a great cause. Community playground builds take a little more planning but is a great way to save money when it comes to commercial playground equipment installation. St. Croix Recreation works closely with your community to make the experience a memorable one. Our commercial playground installation services range from full turn-key, hybrid utilizing your community members or we can leave the installation to your team! If you are interested in building a playground for your community, contact us today for more information.

Community Build Playground Installation

Community build playgrounds typically take place on a weekend with as many volunteers as 100 or as few as 10. The time of the build is dependent on the size of the playground and number and experience of volunteers present. We have tools to assist you in getting the word out there, fundraising & site surveying making this a pleasant and easy experience for everyone!

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Successful Playground Community Builds in Minnesota