The Playground Planning Process


  • Look at our project gallery online for pictures of playgrounds.
  • Explore our vendor options here
  • Request a catalog: We will send you one complimentary.
  • Contact Us: Call, e-mail, or set up have a meeting online.
  • Overwhelmed? We are here for you and value relationships! Contact us and we will walk you through the process and work with you to find your unique playground to fit your needs.


  • Things to Think About Regarding Design:
    • Age group
    • Amount of space,
    • Budget
    • Timeline
    • How the playground will be used (school, park, church, apartment complex or early childhood center?).
  • Need help? Our well educated representatives with years of experience are trained to evaluate the factors that will determine your needs.
  • Request an On-Location Site Assessment: We’ll meet you at the playground site.


  • We understand that there is often more than one person involved in making the decision of playground design.
  • We want to make sure everyone sees the plan. Receive free site renderings, 3D posters, fly-through videos, safety certificates and ADA compliance; you will have confidence in the playground we design together!


  • Meet with the group and/or OK the playground design; pictures and renderings are a great tool for fund raising.
  • We can help you look for grants and funding options, discuss purchasing solutions and direct you to successful fundraising ideas!


You can rest assured that your playground will arrive in great shape. Our shipping cost is hard to beat. We are able to dedicate one truck from the factory directly to the site with some of the most affordable rates. This allows us to control quality of your investment and decreases the risk of being damaged, by loading and unloading at depots across the country. Let our expert Project Managers assist you with unloading or give you confident directions.


We have a wide variety of installation options. Some customers prefer to install their playgrounds, use a local company or have us do the heavy lifting… and everything in between! Our install crews are very friendly and knowledgeable about the art of installing playgrounds. Our Project Managers can also assist you in overall project coordination with other vendors/crews if needed, such as excavation, surfacing & landscaping.


  • Follow-Up Maintenance Information including complimentary Kits if applicable.
  • NPPS Supervision kit are great for Playground Supervisors.
  • PLAY and ENJOY!


  • We pride our self on our follow up service. Your parts that break under warranty will ship for free and you will not have to pay a dime for the part. We will also provide you with customers we have worked with in the past for references if desired.
  • Your playground will have on average a 20-25 year life span. We will always be here to help at any time with friendly service and prompt response to your questions, needs and future projects.