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Quality and innovative school playground equipment is important to all schools in Minnesota. Kids need a place where they can interact with friends and classmates, burn off energy, and develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally while gaining self-esteem. 

A good school playground design incorporates features for kids to play on, as well as within, the playground. When selecting school playground equipment, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure the safety, accessibility, and enjoyment of the children using it. These include:

  • Safety. Keeping kids safe while playing should be your top priority. Your school playground equipment should meet ASTM International safety standards; look for certifications to ensure compliance. 
  • Accessibility. School playground equipment should be inclusive and accessible to children of all abilities. Look for equipment that accommodates various mobility levels and offers features such as ramps, wheelchair-accessible equipment, ground-level play opportunities, quiet spaces, and sensory play equipment.
  • Age-Appropriateness. It’s likely that a wide age range of students will be using the school playground equipment. You’ll want to include equipment suitable for a variety of developmental stages and physical abilities.
  • Durability. Kids play hard, and that’s a good thing…but you’ll want to ensure the school playground equipment you select is made from sturdy materials that can withstand heavy use and vigorous play, not to mention exposure to a wide range of weather conditions.
  • Variety of Play Experiences. Your school playground equipment should include a mix of equipment that encourages active play, creativity, socialization, and physical fitness. Swings, slides, climbing structures, sensory play stations, musical equipment, and fitness stations provide a great variety that checks all of the above boxes. Don’t forget quiet spaces that offer opportunities for rest and reflection, too.

School playground equipment design has evolved dramatically over the years as educators have realized the importance of combining multiple elements for fun and variety. Whether you are seeking a more traditional playground or a comprehensive Ninja Warrior-style playground, you’re sure to create a vibrant space for kids to burn off energy after being cooped up inside the classroom, stimulating both their bodies and their minds. 

Investing in school playground equipment might tax your budget, but even with constant wear and tear, a commercial school playground can easily last 20–25 years. If your PTA, PTO, or parent organization would like to raise funds for school playground equipment, we can help by providing resources and success stories. Contact a St. Croix Recreation Company project manager today to get started on your school playground! 

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