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Commercial Playground Equipment Benefits | St. Croix Recreation

Commercial Playground Equipment Benefits

By August 22, 2022 March 13th, 2024 Commercial Playground Equipment
commercial playground equipment

Benefits of Quality Commercial Playground Equipment

While some kids can make do with a pair of slides and a set of monkey bars, the importance of a quality playground set cannot be overstated. Kids at recess or at their local park are looking for unique commercial playground equipment that can make each visit feel different and special. Let’s take a look at some of the pros of some quality commercial playground equipment:

  • Nurturing their Social Skills: So much of a child’s social development during school hours happens on the playground. From collaboration and interaction, kids learn to listen better and understand each other’s communication styles. While many only focus on the physical benefits, creating legitimate bonds with classmates can happen naturally when presented with unique playground sets and obstacles. 

  • Self-Esteem Boosts Abound: After a complicated set of monkey bars or a trek through our Berliner rope playgrounds, kids can develop their self-esteem at a young age. When solving a complicated ropes course, the trial and error involved has a serious impact on their problem-solving capabilities which only gives a larger self-esteem boost. 

  • Creativity Takes No Recess: While some may see creativity as a byproduct of just art class, it can also be fostered on the playground. High-quality obstacles can be conquered using different routes or strategies. For example, a rock wall with various spaced-out hand and foot slots provides young children with opportunities to test different options that their friends may not have tried before. Also, with our collection of Percussion Play outdoor musical instruments, children can develop their musical skills and creativity. Lastly, children can improve their creativity on the playground by role-playing situations and characters.

  • Parent-Child Bonds On the Rise: While students develop interpersonal relationships, a quality commercial playground can give parents tangible situations where they can increase the bond with their child(ren). Simply helping your kid across the monkey bars or being at the bottom of a slide to catch them can have a legitimate impact on the relationships with your kids. Actually climbing around the equipment with your child can leave lasting impressions that they’ll remember for years and years. 


  • A Needed Break from Schoolwork: When taking a break from monotonous worksheets and problem sets, children want exciting, vibrant playground equipment to refresh their minds and give them a deserved break. While they may not always want to come back inside after recess, children are known to perform better in the classroom after they are given time to clear their heads, exercise, and communicate freely with their peers. 


  • A New Challenge Each and Every Day: Kids can get bored easily. Sending your child or students down the same hot metal slide is fun the first time, but the thrill starts wearing off after about the seventh time down. That’s where a quality playground is essential. We strive to provide children with many obstacles and opportunities to choose from so that every day feels different and every recess is unique. Our collection of Burke commercial playground equipment provides innovative and age-appropriate solutions to keep kids engaged and challenged on a daily basis. 


  • Physical Fitness: Perhaps the most obvious benefits to a quality playground are the physical ones. From improving muscle development on monkey bars or ropes to promoting blood and oxygen flow from running and jumping, there’s really no debate that time on the playground is great for physical progression. As kids get older, the obstacles that once challenged them may need to be a bit more strenuous. That’s why we carry Burke Nucleus® Evolution® sets to challenge older students with complicated yet protected obstacles. 


While these are certainly not the only benefits of quality commercial playground equipment, they are some definite pluses that a parent can see apparently. Schools and community leaders have a clear opportunity to deliver these benefits to thousands of children. 


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