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Missed the Blog?!

By October 14, 2021 March 13th, 2024 Articles

I know I know, everyone refreshes our webpage multiple times per day waiting for our newest monthly blog post to drop and we’ve disappointed  since JULY – as if 2021 wasn’t weird enough already?! Want to know why? Many are aware, but some may not be, that St Croix Recreation is a family run and operated business. Johnnie Johnsen founded the company in 1981, his son Christopher started working with him in 2006 and then took over in 2014 (don’t worry Johnnie is still a part of the team!). His wife, Hannah, joined in 2015. Keegan started with us in 2019, and while she isn’t related by blood, Chris has known her and her family since junior high! So, where have our blog posts been? You can thank this one:

Olivia, Hannah & Chris’ 3rd daughter joined their brood in May and Hannah has returned to work in the fall. Currently, we are all playing catch up from the summer and closing out construction season (pending MN weather). Unfortunately, our blog posts and email blasts have dwindled recently, but we plan to be back to supplying your favorite park & rec information in November! We appreciate all of our loyal customers and thank you for a great 2021!