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Tuning into Toddlers

By November 17, 2021 March 13th, 2024 Commercial Playground Equipment
commercial playground equipment for toddlers

We know kids, on a professional level yes, but more importantly on a personal one. Johnnie has 6 granddaughters, Keegan has 2 children, Christopher has 3 girls & Mike has 3 grown children and became a grandfather for the first time in late 2020. Needless to say, we spend a LOT of time at playgrounds!

Many communities LOVE playgrounds, parks and everything for their youngest residents.. but how many offer equipment, or dare I say, an entire playground/park focused on the youngest of the youngest residents… toddlers!

Early childhood playgrounds are not just for childcare centers, preschools and churches, they are for all communities. We find many communities include 2-5 year old equipment at their parks, but not all focus solely on this age range. Why not? Let’s talk toddlers!

  • Toddlers tend to visit playgrounds more than older children throughout the week as they’re less likely to be in school year-round or be in organized activities
                • Parents tend to coordinate playdates for this age more than older children and playgrounds are a great spot
                • Activities for toddlers such as birthday parties and family get-togethers are found more at parks as there are less  options for this age group out of homes

Toddlers LOVE to get into everything they’re not supposed to and parents LOVE places and activities that remove the temptation! When you have a play space dedicated to younger children, you don’t have to worry about children playing on pieces that are too big for them, have higher fall heights and, worst of all, have spaces kids can’t get themselves out of/get scared on making the parent or care giver come after them! These playgrounds tend to have better sight lines for the ever-watching toddler tender and more site amenities for breaks from play. We find parents and caretakers of young children love frequenting this set up and will travel to a park specifically appropriate to the ages of their kids.

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**All pictures on this page come from Washington Park in Mankato, MN; a wonderful tot-lot and a fantastic example of a themed structure. To learn more about this project, please visit our website here.