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News for 2022 - St. Croix Recreation
Inclusive commercial playground equipment - MOVMNT Inclusive by Burke

2022 is upon us and before we know children will playing on outside playgrounds and residents will be using outdoor community spaces on a more regular basis (if the sun ever comes out!) A few things to consider for planning this year:

Lead Times/Price Increases – Similar to 2021, we are seeing published price lists increase (more than just at the beginning of the year), freight rates changing rapidly and material surcharges being imposed. While we are optimistic, we do not see this trend changing any time soon. We highly encourage customers to order within the 30 day estimate validity (15 days for freight) to ensure quoted prices remain intact for planning purposes. We also are seeing lead times remain lengthier than usual, but have several vendors with GREAT lead times compared to the industry average. Currently we are seeing as low as 3 weeks for our customizable Most Dependable Fountain units to 22 weeks for custom pre-fab park shelters and kiosks. Please plan and order accordingly to ensure product arrival as desired.

New Products – Several of our manufacturers have introduced NEW and/or IMPROVED products this year. Some of our favorites are the PLAY4PUPs DOG PARK line new for 2022 by BCI Burke, aesthetically-pleasing and shade-providing LEAVES by Berliner and the newest member of the St Croix Recreation family; PREMIER POLYSTEEL site amenity products. View all of BCI Burke’s newest equipment here and don’t forget to take advantage of their SPRING SALE; up to 40% off!

State Contract – St Croix Recreation is proud to be a vendor on the Minnesota State Contract which through July, 2022. That means that in order to be eligible to purchase off of the current state contract, orders must be received / POs issued no later than 7/31/22. While we hope the state will allow entities to rebid and/or extend the contract to ensure no lapse, this is not guaranteed and will be determined by the state. Please plan accordingly. For more information, please refer to your purchasing department.

Maintenance / Playground Safety – April recognizes Playground Safety Week and if spring ever arrives, Minnesotans of all ages will start to migrate outdoors! This means it’s time to ensure all play and outdoor spaces are ready to serve! We recommend reviewing all maintenance information for any playgrounds purchased and checking all equipment. We are here to assist with any of our manufacturer’s replacement parts and warranty issues. We also suggest evaluating safety surfacing to make sure that all areas of the playground (especially highly used areas like the bottom of slides & under swings) coincide with the fall height to comply with safety standards. If you need more wood fiber, we can drop on-site or blow-in depending on the space and amount desired. We can also offer pour in place patch kits if needed. Don’t forget to de-winterize your outdoor water units, make sure surfaces of benches & tables are in good shape (no rust, no damage from snow plows, etc…) and get those pickle-ball nets up! If you’re unsure what you need, or even which factory you need parts from, never hesitate to contact us to see if we can assist with your inquiry!

Check out the resources listed here by the NRPA (it’s old but still applicable!).