Be Inspired by Berliner!

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Berliner is renowned world-wide for their unique equipment providing safe, aesthetically pleasing experiences for all ages and abilities! Their innovative technologies and lengthy tenure in the rope industry gives them a cutting edge for the recreation industry. New to the Rope Play? Check out our FREE Webinar on April 7th, 2021 at 11AM CST hosted by Avery Croteau from Berliner’s US facilities in South Carolina. To register, please click here:

Bonus: All attendees qualify for CEU and will receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks! *note: the Webinar will focus on the Inclusive Nature of Rope Play and will not be specific to Berliner.


Get Inspired Across the Country!

Want to see the vast options Berliner can provide your school or community? Check out some of Berliner’s ‘Best Projects of 2020’ here in the US!

Oquirrh Park Kearns in Salt Lake County, Utah

Meet Oquirrh Park Kearns which stands in front of the Olympic Oval in Salt Lake County, Utah. This playground combines a DNA Neptun Combi with enclosed Bridge and Tube Slides as well as a Flubber Bridge to further connect the structure to a Trii. Check out more photos and information on this amazing project here.

Sunset Neighborhood Park in Renton, Washington




The second project we’re highlighting today is Sunset Neighborhood Park in Renton, Washington. This structure features a Neptun XXL, reaching 30′ in  the air, and a Fast Lane Slide. Next, we find two DNA Towers connected by a Bridge with Abaakus Teeter Totters free-standing pieces to give the space an urban and artistic feel. Find more here.

Be Inspired Locally!

Want to see Berliner’s impeccable quality and craftsmanship firsthand? Stop by Western Sculpture Park in St Paul. This unique playground combines both BCI Burke equipment and a Berliner IKO L to make the play space pop in its urban setting.

Colorful deck and post BCI Burke structure.

Volito Swing by BCI Burke

IKO L Rope Climber by Berliner