Use your Playground to PLAY!

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It sounds obvious, yes? Use your Playground to PLAY! But, there are so many ways to play within the playground that do not directly involve the traditional use of equipment that most people think of. How about pretending the ground is lava? Play hide-n-seek or tag? Or, check out these innovative ideas to get the most out of your play area:


The first playground app of its kind is exclusively sold by BCI Burke and its representatives for the US market. This app is a great way to help facilitate intergenerational play and keep kids of all ages entertained longer at the park (outside and away from their screens!). To learn more about this great addition to your playground, click here:.

Panels & Tables:

Did you know that BCI Burke offers a variety of panels to include on your play structure that can be musical, interactive and educational? See here for options or request additional information from us to learn about custom creations. Want to play chess? How about including a functional picnic table with a game built into the top for community members to use? Check out all options here:

Gaga Ball Pit:

This trendy, yet classic, pieces of equipment are a great addition to any school or park! They are low-cost and require little safety measures while providing hours of fun! They can come standard or you can custom the sides in colors and logos to match the school’s mascot/colors or the 

park’s theme. Learn more here.

Serenity Space:

When all the hustle and bustle of play gets to be too much, or for the most stimulant sensitive, take a break in BCI Burke’s Serenity Space. New for 2021, this ‘quiet’ space is a great addition to any playground. Visit here for more information.

**New to playground planning or St Croix Recreation?**

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