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BIBA – Combining Technology & Outdoor Play

By February 12, 2021 Uncategorized

St Croix Recreation is proud to partner with BCI Burke to introduce BIBA to our customers! BIBA is a unique and FREE app, available on IOS & Android platforms, for playground visitors to use technology while enjoying fresh air and getting exercise. Read on for more!

What is BIBA?

Biba is an interactive application that promotes intergenerational play for both caregiver and child at a playground. The phone stays with the adult chaperone, ensuring that the child can get their techie ‘fix’ while being outside and getting physical exercise. It gives children fresh and new ideas of games to play on the equipment to keep them entertained longer, exerting more energy and always having something to do, even if they’ve visited the same playground multiple times! Find the full brochure here.

Good for Users!

Not sure how to interact with your child on the playground? Biba can help! Not sure how to help your child enjoy the playground more and/or get more exercise? Biba can help! Have trouble getting your child put down their devices and their screens and play outside? Biba can help! Biba solves so many problems facing modern parents and caregivers. Independent studies have shown the levels of physical activity greatly increase when children are using Biba, they have more fun and adults aren’t fighting with them to get outside!

Good for Communities!

What does this app do for you, the customer, and purchaser of the system? The app, though free to playground visitors, does come with a cost to the playground purchaser. With the kit, you receive:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Monthly Reports of Usage *see below
  • Welcome Sign & Signage to place throughout the playground for use doing games

*Monthly reports show you information about the playgrounds you may not be getting otherwise. It shows peak times of usage (day, time & season compared with weather), what pieces of equipment are the most desired and general information and feedback from those using the playgrounds. For an example, please click here.

Technology is EVERYWHERE, why not have an option on the playground too? This system, though offered exclusively through BCI Burke, can be utilized on any playground, even those made by other manufacturers. It can be purchased for your existing parks and playgrounds or added onto new structures. Contact your Program Manager or Request more information today!