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Our Gift to You… Post-Purchase Support!

By December 15, 2020 Minnesota Playgrounds


Is anyone else ready to kiss 2020 goodbye? We certainly are! But, that doesn’t meant that we will forget about all our new and loyal customers who purchased equipment and amenities through us this year. Have you ever talked to Keegan? Not only is she usually the first voice you hear on the phone, but the one who will assist you in all your post-purchase support! What can you expect?

  • Shipping updates by email
  • Emails to check-in on arrival & condition of items once they arrive & work with you should anything come missing or damaged
  • Available to discuss any concerns at any time!
  • Need a Replacement? Keegan can:
    • Check warranty status on any parts needed
    • Put together estimates and instructions for any replacement part(s) not covered under warranty
    • Send out a Project Manager for more complicated replacement inquiries and inspections of equipment
  • Contact Keegan today at keegan@stcroixrec.com / 651.430.1247

We pride ourselves in servicing our customers from start to finish and would be happy to meet with you on-site or discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your equipment or amenities at any time! The vast majority of our products are manufactured with high-quality materials with long lasting expectations and offer industry-leading warranties should anything go wrong before expected. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to ensure the safety, longevity and ascetics of your parks & playgrounds!


Winter play is ON!

With Covid-19 and various closures throughout the state of Minnesota, getting children outdoors to enjoy to beauty of Minnesota winter, get exercise and burn off energy is more important than ever!

Most cities & counties leave up playgrounds year-round and can be enjoyed during all seasons! Check out the beautiful Norland Park in Big Lake, MN – our December Project of the Month! View our Gallery for all our recent projects!


Pamphlet features US-based in-stock items, several with HUGE discounts off of the MSRP prices shows. Contact us today for specific pricing and availability!

Don’t forget!

Our awesome playground partners; BCI Burke & Berliner are both offering fantastic end-of-the-year sales to take

Featuring 50% off of select BCI Burke structures and free-standing pieces. Must be purchased by 12/31/20 and ship by 4/9/21.

advantage of should you have extra $$ in your budget or are pre-planning for 2021 – hopefully a better and brighter year for all! Learn more by clicking on either of the pictures: