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Thankful in 2020 - St. Croix Recreation

Thankful in 2020

By November 24, 2020 Uncategorized

This year, St Croix Recreation has chosen to count its blessings during this very unprecedented year! Read below to find more about what we are thankful for:

Johnnie: Founding St Croix Recreation in 1981, Johnnie continues to be thankful for working with his son and the industry he loves. Personally, he is grateful for his beautiful family and 5 granddaughters.

Mike: Working in the business for over 25 years, Mike is happy to be working on as many projects as he has this year and continuing great relationships with his customers. He is especially thankful this year for his first grandchild coming in 2021!

Christopher: Christopher has owned St Croix Recreation for almost 6 years (wow time flies!) and is grateful this year for all the support from loyal customers during what could have been a very trying year. At home, Christopher is thankful for this family, especially his two daughters.

Keegan: Keegan is overjoyed to have been working for her second year with St Croix Rec and continuing to learn more and more about the park & rec industry while developing relationships with our customers. She has truly merged into our replacement parts specialist! This year, Keegan is thankful for her family, health and all those working hard to keep us ‘normal.’

Hannah: Health, family and friends are what Hannah is extremely thankful for this year. Professionally, Hannah is thankful for her great team and support that they have given her as her family continues to grow.


St Croix Recreation is impressed every day by the amazing support we have received from our customers, suppliers, contractors and everyone who is a part of our team. It is truly a year to be reflective upon what we do have and not what we are missing. Operating for over 30 years in this industry has been wonderful and we are overly grateful for all those who make coming to work with a smile easy for us. We also are thankful for our amazing state, communities and healthcare workers who are trying to figure out the best way out of this mess every day. We also are grateful to our site amenity lines which continued to be highly sought after this year. Read more below to discover our great lines!

Commercial Bench Installation at Raspberry Island

Commercial Bench Installation at Raspberry Island

Wabash Valley: Specializing in aesthetically pleasing benches, tables & receptacles – https://stcroixrec.com/commercial-outdoor-furniture/

RJ Thomas/Pilot Rock: Featuring site amenities including heavy-duty tables, frames, grills & fire rings. Perfect for state parks and campgrounds! – https://stcroixrec.com/park-equipment-mn/

National Recreation: Sporting top notch bleacher systems and players benches – https://stcroixrec.com/bleachers-stadium-seating-mn/

Most Dependable Fountains NEW Hand Washing Station

Most Dependable Fountains: Providing the best in outdoor & indoor drinking fountains, showers & new handing washing stations – https://stcroixrec.com/outdoor-drinking-fountains/

Coverworx: Featuring fully customizable park & outdoor shelters, gazebos & kiosks – https://stcroixrec.com/park-shelters-mn/

Shade Systems: Providing customers with dependable fabric shade solutions – https://stcroixrec.com/minnesota-shade-structures/

First Team: Specializing in outdoor & indoor commercial basketball hoops & other sports equipment – https://stcroixrec.com/minnesota-commercial-basketball-hoops/



Don’t forget – Harvest Park in Plymouth, MN has been selected as the November Project of the Month featuring BCI Burke equipment and festive fall themes:

Harvest Park in Plymouth, MN

Harvest Park in Plymouth, MN

Harvest Park in Plymouth, MN