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Customize your Park!

By October 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Memorial Bench Programs

Outdoor Memorial Bench

Picture of a Memorial Bench at Perro Park in Bayport, MN

St Croix Recreation has been proud to work with many communities from the City of Prior Lake & Bloomington to Kandiyohi County to implement city/county-wide memorial benches. These create a homogenous look to your park systems and public spaces and can be ordered directly by the city or by the citizen. We offer and can recommend a variety of different ways to handle the ordering, payment and shipping of the benches with as much or as little involvement from Parks/Public Works. Contact us today to learn more about these great programs to offer your community members!  Don’t forget, these can be ordered individually for any outdoor setting and a similar idea can be used on our Most Dependable Fountains drinking fountain line.

Plaque to Customize Outdoor Drinking Fountains

Example of a Most Dependable Fountain plaque option .

Others ways to Personalize Your Parks & Outdoor Spaces!

Child in Wheelchair at Playground

Accessible, sensory playground panel

Customized Castle Playground

Example of BCI Burke’s customization capabilities for panels and design

Several of our products, from playgrounds to shelters and drinking fountains to benches can be customized to your unique tastes! Of course there are color and design options, but many add-ons can make your items all yours. Try a customized sign or playground panel with your community’s slogan or message to users of your playground or add a plaque to your drinking fountain or bench to memorialize a loved one or event.



Project of the Month: Yinghua Academy, Minneapolis

This unique combination playground utilizes both BCI Burke & Berliner equipment and was customized throughout the use of colors, signage, the dragon theme & designed for a long and narrow space. To view more pictures, please click here.

Berliner’s creatively customized dragon head on DNA Tower

BCI Burke customized pennants on the school’s playground

This play space was designed especially for the long and narrow area