Adventure Play by Berliner!

Above: Berliner launches a new ‘Adventure Playground’ in Budapest. This video showcases the imagination Berliner’s design team and engineers bring to play spaces; creating something truly unique! Below are some of their other ingenious show-stoppers and NEW products for 2020.


Cloverwood: The newest line of Berliner’s aesthetically pleasing equipment, Cloverwood brings art to life and imagine to reality in this series. The smooth edges and wood finishes add a beautiful piece to any space! Seen from above, the Cloverwood resembles a four-leaf clover and the layout encourages physically challenging and imaginative play!





Kids Tramp: Tailored to adolescent bodies, Berliner’s trampoline series come in a variety of sizes, shapes, price points and even has the ability of being ADA! These unique pieces are growing in popularity and offer a joint-gentle jump for users strengthening necessary muscle groups for play.





Triitopia: Add a bit of whimsy to your playground with the ever-popular Triitopia series. These eye-catching pieces bring something unique to their settings and can be enjoyed by many children at the same time, even with a relatively small footprint. The line can be custom-made to add on pieces such as slides or connection points to other equipment. They also can come in a plethora of designs, colors and sizes.